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Welcome to the homepage of the Bremen Association of Midwives! Annually, more than 9000 babies are born in Bremerhaven and Bremen. Each of them has been welcomed by the hands of a midwife.

The Midwifery Act stipulates that a midwife must be called for each birth. In addition, midwives accompany women and couples from the beginning of the pregnancy to the end of the puerperal period, or breast-feeding period. Midwifery services are fully paid by your statutory health insurance fund and also by most private insurances.

On our homepage you will find offers by midwives and information regarding frequently requested topics.
Did you know that midwives…

  • also visit you at home before the birth?
  • also offer preventative check-ups excluding ultrasounds?
  • also care for you during high-risk pregnancies in collaboration with your gynecologist?
  • also independently accompany births and only consult doctors in case of complications?
  • also care for you at home after the birth, even if you gave birth in a hospital?
  • also accompany and consult nursing mothers until the conclusion of the breastfeeding period?

Use this help to acquire a competent contact for yourself and your child during this special phase of life.

Midwives Association Bremen

The Bremen Midwives Association (HLV) represents approximately 230 midwives and midwifery students in Bremerhaven and Bremen and is a member of the Umbrella Association of the „German Midwives Association“ based in Karlsruhe.
Our members are employed and/or self-employed or are in training to become midwives. We represent the interests of our members on a regional level and are trying to integrate the concerns of midwives into the public debate. In addition, we are committed to improve our education and critically observe the changes in the work situation of our employed colleagues.
Finally, we want to achieve that pregnancy, childbirth, puerperium and breastfeeding are considered to be a special, but natural process in a woman’s life again.

We are available, for colleagues, student midwives, pregnant women, as well as all other callers and visitors in our office, to provide information and advice for you.

Midwives Associate Bremen e.V.
Graf-Haeseler-Str. 30/32,
28205 Bremen
Telephone: (0421) / 24 16 30 93
Office hours:
You will find on the answering machine
Please note: all questions regarding midwifery care, courses or clinics cannot be edited.
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